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Please accept me

I’ve been struggling with my statement of interest for Graduate School for the past month of so. I have gone and met with four of my favorite profs and I received two examples of these kind of statement from two successful UBC graduate students yet I am still unable to write anything very consistent. The… Continue reading Please accept me

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Looking for motivation

落ち葉の音 Pixelmator’s bug is now fixed+presentation in class was boring… 1)Something I have the urge to do something before being able to accomplish something else. No matter what’s at stake, I sometimes have to perform other actions before getting started.This can involve cleaning the room, sorting up papers, cutting my nails (and filing them)or preparing some… Continue reading Looking for motivation


Pink: the coulour of awareness (and Gray, the coulour of my pancreas).

If you’re a (frequent) Facebook user you probably noticed on January 6th, the weird and rapid apparition  of random colours in your friend’s status update (called later on, more officially the “bra status update” case). If you’re the kind of person who copied, commented on and posted the annoying and self-centred “15 things about me” note, you… Continue reading Pink: the coulour of awareness (and Gray, the coulour of my pancreas).