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The Devil’s Carnival/Repo! The Genetic Opera-Double Feature

DSC0008723/03/2013: Rio Theater

Some good memories: 

  • Emilie Autumn’s ‘Fight Like A Girl’ Music video’s preview.
  • Pledge of ”not being a douchebag” (So help me Lucifer) before actually watching the MV.
  • ‘Prick, Prick, Prick… goes the scorpion’s tale!”
  • “In all my dreams I drown”
  • Along with more than 100 people, I can proudly say that Darren Lynn Bousman gave me pizza! (“I feel bad eating in front of all of you guys so I got pizza for everyone!”)
  • Re-ennactement of Whik’s ” Miss me! Miss me! Now you have to kiss the girls” by a random audience member and Terrance Zdunich



  • Live version of some of the second chapter of the Devil’s carnival songs by Terrance Zdunich and Saar Han.
  • Testify!
  • Animated opening scenes in Repo! 
  • Everyone joining on Zydrate Anatomy (” A little glass vial? A little Glass Vial!”)
  • Sarah Brightman’s “Chromaggia” performance 
  • “I didn’t  know I’d love you so much”

Q&A with Darren Lynn Bousman



Devil’s Carnival

In All my Dreams I Drown-Tamara & Lucifer

I didn’t Know I’d Love You So much-Shilo & Nathan


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