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The Thief of Always-Dear Chris

So I lied. Remember when I said I never read anything by Clive Barker? Well, past me read one book by him and could not remember its title. But past me LOVED that book and looked and never stopped looking for it.

When I was in middle school I used to read a lot. I still read quite a bit but I guess it was a time where I could actually finish my homework pretty quickly and since I did not have any computer or anything to distract me, I borrowed a whole bunch of books here and there.

I have this very strong memory of a few weeks where I went through two different books and shared them with one of my friend. First, I read this book that really impressed me. It was  bout a boy that got into a house and then found a pond full of creepy fish. The book had cool illustrations. Second book was by Christopher Pike called Fall Into Darkness (apparently it’s a movie too).

Funny how memory works. I totally recall Christopher Pike’s name because of his Spooksville series and the fact that one of the character was named like my brother, but I could not remember the other book at all.

Recently, someone posted a comment response on an article from I09 and the name of the book, The Thief of Always, caught my eye so I looked it up.

And it was it!

Today, while I was in the bus, I saw that one bookstore was going out of business and had a big sale. When I entered the store, I realized that I have been there before and I really enjoyed this place. I’m sad that they are closing. I got three books for 8$ instead of 15$.

They had two copies of the Thief of Always so I picked the cheaper one up because it looked fine.

On the way home, I opened the book and I realized that it was autographed. After a quick search, I found out that it looks pretty legit.

It made me sad for Chris and the author.

Dear Chris,

I felt sad today when I saw that I now own your autographed book. If you got to meet the author, I am assuming that you liked the story and that it meant something important to you.

Where are you now? Why did you sell your book? Are you still around? Were you forced to sell it because you moved away/lost all your money/gave it to an ex-girlfriend who sold it instead of returning it because things became awkward?

Are you still alive?

I don’t know who you are and why you don’t own that book anymore but I can swear that it will be read and well kept.

Warm wishes,



  • SD, three of her friends, G. and I went to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show for Halloween. The experience was great but I think I laughed more at the Room show last year. The toast part made me laugh quite a bit. And the songs were great! If I ever go back, I want to be able to do the Time Wrap dance properly!
  • And I got some positive feedback about my Fionna costume! The girl playing Columbia and a group of people called me Fionna and said “Yeah Adventure time!” and I could not have been happier! 😀
  • Someone stole my coat at work 😦 I was very upset because it was keeping me warm and I got quite attached to it. I felt very stupid for being annoyed about a coat so it kept reinforcing my state of panic after it happened. Plus, I made a mistake at work that day and I was already feeling down because of that.
  • Talked about my favorite type of cheese with an older gentleman in a cheese store. It made me extremely happy for some reason.


Tryo-Serre Moi

Dire Straits-Tunnel of Love


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