I made it myself....yet it's not so great :/

Adventure Time’s Fionna’s Hat DIY

For Halloween, I generally don’t bother very much with my outfit. To be honest, I only dress up when I need to. In second year, SD and I participated in Trick or Eat so we had to look nice and even then, I only bought fairy wings at the dollar store.

Generally, I go with two rules:

1-Use what you already have

2-If you need to buy things, make sure you can reuse them (aka, I’d wear that again)

My first idea was to go as American Mcgee’s Alice but the only dress I found at the Thrift store made me look like a nurse. And I did not want to spend 70$ on a costume.
Last year, I already wanted to go as Fionna from Adventure Time but her hat and my limited crafting abilities made me think twice about it. Good news is, if you have very limited crafting abilities, you can totally make Finn or Fionna’s hat. Bad news is, it will take you quite a bit of time, especially if you have to do all the stitching by hand.



I followed several tutorials because some part were quite tricky and I needed to see things on  different angles before doing anything.

Some steps:

Stitching the hat’s frame

The problem with Fionna’s ears is that they are much longer than Finn’s. Therefore, the pattern need to be adjusted. I made the mistake to create a first prototype that was way too small.

Ear Prototype: Failure!


Delicate parts:

  • Ears shape (see above)
  • Wire. I thought that by stuffing the ears with pompons they would have a nice shape and they would stand up on their own but they do not! Wiring was a very annoying part but it is really necessary, otherwise the ears keep on flopping.
  • Lining. It’s a bit delicate to understand how to flip the hat upside done but by watching/reading several tutorial, it was relatively easy to understand. I think adding the lining makes the hat nicer.
  • Don’t worry too much about your cutting if it’s a bit rough. When you’ll stitch the lining, it will look fine!

6 thoughts on “Adventure Time’s Fionna’s Hat DIY

    1. Thanks! XD I love Cake, she is so much fun! I did not know you watched Adventure Time! That’s so rhombus! 😛

      1. You’re so lucky, you have so many amazing episodes to watch! 😀 Are you dressing up for halloween?

      2. LOLZ! Yea! I really liked the animation. I should watch more of it.

        I’m not doing anything for Halloween. Lame, I know 😛

      3. I can send you a link with all of the episodes on streaming if you’d like.
        Not lame! SD, my friend and I are going to late night screening of the horror picture show! I can send you a link to get a ticket if you’d care to join too! 🙂

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