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Talking With Strangers

Today, I was seating in IKBLC, eating and studying when a lady asked me if she could sit at the same table. Since Ike’s is generally crowded (and I got my own spot by sharing a table too), I was more than happy to let her to do so.

At some point, we both started getting annoyed by the fruit fly that was flying around (quickly nicknamed ‘Ike’) and laughed about it. But what really surprised me was when we started really talking about things.

At one point, she said: “I don’t know why I am telling that to you” and when she left, she said: “Thanks for listening”. But I don’t feel I just listened, I felt I had a meaningful conversation with a stranger and it’s rare enough for me to notice it.

Last year, one of our Prof told us about how easy it is to talk to strangers about important things in your life. Our example was that she told her hairdresser that she was pregnant before even telling other people. Because it was easier. Because she needed to do so. Because it was too heavy for her.

I guess, today we both needed to talk. I am thinking she wanted to share what is happening to her with someone else. Even if it’s a random student.


The Birthday Massacre- Walking With Strangers


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