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Fan Expo- Vancouver (Day 1 only)

Adam West’s Batman’s Batmobile

For the first time this year, Fan Expo Canada  was exported to Vancouver for Fan Expo Vancouver April 21-22.
At first, looking at the list of guests by myself and lacking a credit card to buy a ticket, I thought I might not attend. Thanks to my friend L. who helped me to buy a ticket, I was able to attend on the first day, saturday, after the elections. In a way, I was looking forward to see Tony Amendola and Emily Carroll. It’s funny, but I met few people this year that I admire and I am always at loss for words when I finally stand awkwardly in front of them. What are you supposed to say when you meet someone whose’s works you only seems on a screen? ” Hi, what you do is cool, I like it. Sign me an autograph?”

In the end, I managed to gather enough courage to go see Emily Carroll and tell her that her work was nice. I probably sounded stupid but at least, I got my nicely rehearsed message across: ” Your work is awesome and it touched me.” Except it went a bit like: ” I like what you do… on Internet. It’s very smart the way you use different Internet… thing. I sound a bit silly…” In the end, I got a very nice set of booklets called That night in June. The first contains the introduction to the story and each of the reminding booklets can be read in any order and give more info on the story following each characters’ point of view.

Once again, I am impressed by the creativity and the use of space and contains displayed by the author. Just for that, I’m glad I got to go to the convention!

Overall, I enjoyed going around, looking at people’s costumes. When I was queuing to get my ticket, two guys in the line next to mine had very complex Ghostbusters costumes and were joking with everyone. I was a bit surprised by the size of the convention (it was rather small) and how big a space the stores were taking. Even though they had bunch of rather neat t-shirts and other products, I rather support artists whose works I read online (even though I really really wanted some t-shirts!)

I did not know New Shoe was also going to be there and since I got introduced to their work at the Mini Comi, I read some of their works including Honeydew Syndrome. After getting the two volumes, I kept coming back and forth to get them sign by Chloe while she was in quest for food. I’m glad I kept coming and bothering their booth because she signed them very nicely!

I realize I am just talking about things I bought but I did not feel like taking pictures of people (That’s a lie, I am also quite shy in stopping people and getting their pictures), did not attend any events (most were full and I guess we got tired after walking around without food for a long time!) nor did I finally gather enough courage to see Tony Amendola.

So final loot picture:

Including one drawing commission from L and I 🙂
Just missing one poster I got from New Shoe for buying two books


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