University Life

Heard and Overheard (5/03-9/03)

Anthro Class 1:

Girl (Talking about the Anti-Abortion display on campus): “If you don’t want an abortion, don’t get one, if you don’t want to marry another man, don’t marry one!”

Girl (Talking about Transfiction): “I couldn’t take good notes because they were talking in Spanish” (In Brazil? Spanish? ಠ_ಠ)

Anthro Class 2:

Guest Lecturer David Diamond talking about theater and medias:

“We pay strangers to tell us stories about strangers”

(rephrased) ” We have to realized that there is no “Us” and “Them” or “Us” versus “Them”. When we are attacking Them we are just at each other’s throats”

Asia Class (Modern Japanese Lit and Trauma):

We talked about rabbits, blood, incests, masochism and sadism, toddlers, hermaphrodite extraterrestrial coming out of giant egg, scary fantasies and in the end, it sort of made some sense.

Prof (quoting an author whose name I can’t recall right now) :

“When an artist paints an apple, it doesn’t mean that she wants to eat an apple”.

Prof (About Murakami)-Rephrased: “When I taught at Berkley University, he was the artist in residence for four months. He is a rather private person and his wife, she was fantastic. He wouldn’t talk about his stories or showcase his imagination. He would tell you which place served the better coffee”.

Today, our guest lecturer talked about sheep, a sheepman, a rat, a nameless protagonist and his girlfriend with pretty ears and a sheep professor.

Guest Lecturer (About Murakami): “He used to have a Jazz bar called “Peter Cat.”

Japanese Class:

Prof: “How would you translate “いや ?”

Student: “Nay!”

Classical Japanese:

Student (Translating the Hojoki): “Yuima…”

Prof: “Use Vimalakirti.”

Student: “Vi-mala-kirti..?”

Prof: “That’s his name, blame his parents”.

(Translation of the opening of the Heikei Monogatari): “In the sound of the bells of the Gion Shoja, there is the echo of the impermanence of all things”.


Brad Breeck-One too Many Mornings


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