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Furigana on Word 2011 on Mac

Since I just spend two days looking up and down how to fix a furigana problem on my version of Word on Mac, I thought  I’ll make a quick post in case some other peoples have the same problem.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The first part is actually quite easy and well documented on the web but just in case you want to add furiganas, you’ll  need to:

Go to your application folder and open you “Microsoft Office Folder”. Then ” Additional Tool” and “Microsoft Language Register”. Then enable “Japanese” and click on ok.

Then you should be able to put furigana on characters. The problem is, when I typed mine, they would always appear before the character, preceded by a comma and I wasn’t able to change anything afterward.

And the only and best solution I got was from a forum.

The trick is to go back to the “Microsoft Language Register” and change it for ” Simplified Chinese”.
So now you should have something that looks like that:

(Yes, rather bad capture I know)
Now you need to select the kanji (here 食)and click on the 文 sign on top.
You will open a window that looks like that:
Now change the font and write your ”た” and eventually you should get that:
So it is an annoying process but so far it looks way better than the one I had before with the Japanese program. And you can also make changes later on.
If your problem looks like the picture below, you might be able to solve it through the method explained method.
Otherwise, sorry can’t help! :/

8 thoughts on “Furigana on Word 2011 on Mac

    1. Hi there!
      I had the same problem and used the chinese settings instead of the Japanese ones to solve the problem. Just follow the steps I listed here. Hope it helps!
      1)Go to”Microsoft Language Register” and change it for ” Simplified Chinese”.
      2) Select the kanji and click on the 文 sign.
      3) Change the chinese pinyin for your japanese furigana
      5) Profit!
      Good luck!

  1. I found other solution! Got to: Settings – language settings – area. Then choose area United States (english) and currency Japanese yen. Somehow it worked for me. Please try it and let me know does it works?

  2. I can confirm Daniel’s solution, go to OSX “System Preferences” -> “Language and Text” then “Region” tab and change to “United States”
    As far as I’ve tested:
    – You don’t need to change the currency
    – Any english speaking region should work (including India :), and Japan too.

    Having to use the “Language Register” thing is already weird, but having to change region is just … this is probably why the Language Register is not even included in non english versions of Office Mac … I’ll never understand Microsoft commercial policy anyway 🙂

    1. And don’t forget to switch back to your default Region when you’re done with your japanese document, or you might see incorrect date formats and/or currencies in your other documents and apps.

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