(Now) You’re gonna carry that weight

Since it was only the first week of class (meaning, i was not yet buried under ten kilos of homework) I thought I’ll re-watch all of the Cow Boy Bebop episodes.



Now I have homework and I feel depress after watching the ending 😦

it’s a bittersweet feeling: I can’t wait to watch the last three episodes, listening to the parting lines and yet, it feels like loosing some really nice old friends for ever.

Trying to cope by listening to the soundtrack while translating the Bamboo Cutter tale.

Might as well watch the movie and Samurai Champloo later!

See you, space cow boys!

Stella By Moor– Yoko Kanno

Call Me Call Me- Yoko Kanno (voc. Steve Conte)

Blue-Yoko Kanno (Voc. Mai Yamane)



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