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The past few weeks

1) Cut my finger pretty bad with my kitchen knife one monday morning. Blood all around, thankfully my roomate left me some band-aid (because I already cut myself once with the same knife which makes me the most often cut meat this knife ever seen).

Few days after, I opened my cupboard and found this:

I wondered if the kitchen’s gods or the kitchen’s fairy decided to look down on me for a while. It turned out my roomate’s boyfriend judged these unworthy of his toes and left them to me without knowing I fancied butchering my finger few days before. The kitchen fairy sounded more fancy…

2) Classes ended on saturday, one week ago. I gave all I had for the last presentation because the issue (abandoned dogs) is really important to me (even more so, now that my dog is really getting sick and old, which makes really sad). Final exam was cold. Or the room it was held in was.

Picture courtesy of M.L

Question was: What would  happen if people stop working. My group’s thinking is on the far right. They said I was too optimistic…

Summer classes, 4 courses, lots of pens

3) Climbed the Grouse Grind again for Jump start.  Best reward was to get to see the bear(s) and the Lumberjack Show again (which was exactly the same as two years ago but still, I thought it was pretty funny).

4) Went to Volbeat’s concert on Thursday. I’m glad I finally got into the Commodore Ballroom . I took really bad quality pictures (got to see a girl’s iphone’s pictures in front of me, and hers were extremely clear and nice).

Anyway, it was a really great concert. As my friend L. pointed out, it was a solid two hours’concert. The lead singer asked people two times what they wanted to hear and started some well-known songs before playing their owns. He was also really nice and thanks everyone often, said they were touched people had a Danish flag off. And they threw a lot of things out at the end. AND they sounded really really good live. The only problems I had was : 1) The opening band had a weird balance and I ended up half deaf after the first song, 2) I did not know more than 5-6 of their songs (But I really enjoyed the one I knew :P) 3) I know people like it and it makes everyones happy (?) but I always feel weird when a girl starts flashing her breasts at some points… Not my kinda thing I guess… :/

5) Went to Richmond’s night market last night. Ate lots of great food that reminded of Hong Kong. Took a long time to get there though… and  I did not bring my camera :/

6) Finished re-reading all of the Harry Potter’s books. Seems like a sort of tradition to re-read either these or the seven (soon eight!) volumes of the Dark Tower during summer. Except this year, I had to go back and forth to the library to borrow each volumes. It became a bit tricky when I reached book six and seven because all four copies were borrowed and even though I called the books back, the person who had the sixth volume took one week to bring it back…

The Education library also got a bunch of French children’s books. Some of the story from the one with the witch on the cover were read to my fellow pre-schooler and me when I was very small. I could still remember very well what happened yet I can’t recall most of the kanjis we learned this summer…

Since it was the first time I read through all the books in English, I was amused by the way some characters (mainly Hagrid and Mundingus) spoke. It fades a bit away in the translation (“hullo!” is probably my favorite). And they also spend a lot of time eating treacle stuffs (Traduit par tarte au sucre?).

Beside running back and forth to the library, I felt a bit annoyed by the person who scribbled all around the first book… some of it was quite fun though:

I case you can’t read it: Hagrid the Badass…

7) Will move out of Fairview soon… There is only one of my roomates left in the house and of course, she is the one who seems to hate cleaning, taking the garbage out, does not know how to use the button off, likes to slam her door and takes showers late at night. She asks me why I did not apply to stay longer…I wonder. really. Could be the new outburst of fruit flies…

8 ) Started to watch Adventure Time (with Finn and Jack!) and it’s super special awesomely good.


Sad Man’s Tongue- Volbeat

16 Dollars- Volbeat

Island Song– Ashley Eriksson


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