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UBC Mini Comi/ミニコミ

I’ve never been to any big conventions. I could have actually, but I never felt brave enough to go to any of the Paris’ Japan Expo: too big, too far, too crowded… Sometimes, seeing the guests speakers of the year makes me feel like going but after reading about the convention online, it seems that in general, seeing an artist is extremely difficult and you need both luck and determination to get something sign. The smaller version that actually takes place every year in Marseille, happens to occur only when I am not in France. Tough luck. Plus, I would feel a bit weird going there alone. Then, when I was in Japan and had the opportunity to go to the Comicket, I felt too lazy to go to to the winter edition, thinking I could still make the summer one… Too bad.

Anyway, I thought I could finally make it when, forced to go to summer school, I’ll be able to attend Vancouver’s Anime Evolution. Except, it got cancel this year -_-”
My roomate and I were planning to attend so when I found out it was cancelled, she told me that a one day comic market will happen in UBC and we thought we could go.

As you may guess, It happened today. To be perfectly honest, I expected it to attract only a few people but when we actually got there at around 2H00 today, it was full of people, including a rather large number of cosplayers.  I really wanted to take picture but after a while, I still could not get myself to ask people so I ended up taking none. They had one very good Darth Vador and a Storm trooper, two rather convincing Sebastien and a whole bunch of other characters.

We started by making a quick turn around the tables. I am glad my roomate came with me because she knew some of the artists present there as she follows their works on deviantart.  So we stopped at one table and talked with this girl whom my roomate really like the art of, and she ended up giving us both free posters. She said she gave them if you buy two of her books but she just ended up giving them away.

New Shoes webpage

Nuu’s devianart

I think it was super nice of her to give us the posters, especially since I did not know her art at all and considering the quality of the print, it was probably not cheap for her to order these. And she also signed them for us :3

Then I got a Nyan Cat.

Nyan nyan…nyan nyan nyan…..nyan?

Alternative presentation:

Still haven’t style her mane…

I also ended up getting some My Little Pony badges because they look quite good.

They actually had to redo the derpy one because they run out of hers. I guess she is still extremely popular! I would have like to have the mane six though…

And finally, I really wanted to get something from this artist called hoshisora because all of her products were really cute. So instead of getting a tofu’s keychain, I got a FMA mug from her stand. She also gave me the print and a sticker for free :3

Hoshisora’s deviantart

In the end, I was agreeably surprised by the quality of the event. We only overheard once a crazy fangirl who started by loudly complimenting one girl’s costume before starting to scream in front of imported doujinshi. Some tables were obviously more popular than other and I felt a bit sad for some artists who had original arts and were just ignored by everyone who preferred looking at other tables’ fanarts.
In term of popular thing, I saw a lot of Reborn,  Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, DRRR and some Tororo and other Ghibli.

Anyway, it was a good way to start my week-long holiday 🙂

And my Japanese teacher checked my denshi jisho for the exam this morning and she saw my mame shiba stickers and said they were cute. Kinda made my day.


Amy Whinehouse & Mark Ronson- Valerie

Amy Whinehouse- You Know I’m no Good


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