I made it myself....yet it's not so great :/

Time is passing

A week ago, I found my way to Aberdeen Center which has the great advantage to have a Daiso store and a few other interesting outlets. And so I got more lucky stars origami paper.

 I am not quite satisfied with the shiny paper, it’s pretty hard to bend and it does not stay folded properly. That’s why these stars look quite pitiful. The Doraemon ones are better (even better than the one I got last year on sale), so they turned out a bit better.

According to the package, the more you make the closest you get to have one of your wishes come true… But my limited and quite rusty Chinese does not get me further than that. And when I tried looking things up, it ended up making no sense (or if you make 1000 of these, you might erase your “love regret”? (無悔的愛)). Anyway, it was interesting to make them while watching “The Big Bang Theory”.

I have been writing a lot recently for Japanese class and even though I did not get awesome grades, I’m still hanging on and have hope in this class (plus K sensei is a great prof!). Plus, it’s a bit nice to lay in bed after having finish a 1200 (signs? kanjis-but not only?) essay thinking ” Finally, I did it!”. I guess now I should try to be proud of anything I can achieve because it’ll make me move forward and regain some sort of self-confidence in what I do (aka being a (lazy?) student).

Anyway, I’ve been working on writing a review of American Mcgee’s Alice that I finished recently (and really enjoyed!)… Just need to finish two more weeks of school and I might have a look at the draft again (just putting that here so that I don’t forget :/). Reviews are way harder than what I thought! But well, at least this summer I learned that it’s a bit difficult to write about what you really like…


t.A.T.u.-Gomenasai/ I’m a bit sad that they are breaking up. I haven’t follow closely all what they’ve done for the past few years but I still think ” All the things she said” is a great karaoke song.

Dan Mangan- Oh Fortune/ You can get the song for free on his official website. I’m a bit sad I was not able to go see his free live at Stanley Park on sunday… it was late and I had a quiz today  yesterday… still hoping to catch up with an official tour  date at some point 🙂


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