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I know, yours are probably worst

Yes, me too.

List of annoying things my roommate does (in term of annoyance and creepiness):

1) Leaves light on everywhere (Annoyance level: 90%/ Creepiness: 3%- in toilets: 45%)

2) Cleans her cooking appliances with my sponge (AL: 70%/CL: 45%-when i find rice stuck on it)

3) Leaves shower on “shower mode” instead of “bath mode” (means that cold water will fall on you when you inadvertently turn the water on)-(AL: 90% if you’re not careful- 2% if careful/CL:none)

4) Uses all hot water (AL: 100%/CL:None)

5) Leaves her fake eyelashes lying around in the washroom: (AL: 100%/CL: 100%/Gross Factor:100%)

Other than that, my other roomates are lovely.

Edit: After SD‘s comments:


2 thoughts on “I know, yours are probably worst

  1. AL, CL, GF -> fantastic method of evaluation!
    Nos. 3 & 4 are the ones that I think are the worst.
    I’m sorry about how annoying this is, but your post is hilarious, made more so by the picture (which looks like a disturbed emoticon).

  2. I have to comment on your response to my comment – Brilliant! 😀
    I love it! haha! you should print this and put it up as a washroom poster :p 🙂

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