Japan · Wondering



(Bad and rapid name covering…just in case).

While walking around the Meiji Shrine with Laure, we came across this wooden board (Ema)and I found it so funny, I took a picture of it.

A rough translation would be:

“I’d like to meet Arashi again in 2011 and that the’ll be able to do their job energetically *sparkles*”.

Now I don’t know what I like the most, the subject of the wish, the little sparkles at the end, the use of the word “元気” (genki)  or the fact that finding this kind of board among all the others wishing for good luck or rapid recoveries does not seem surprising at all…

I did not know much about the band Arashi before coming to Japan (beside that Matsujun was Matsujun but oh well…) but after some living   with enthusiastic fans, having to endure their songs  every other days at the dorm’s canteen, and seeing their faces almost everywhere,everyday (even on mascara advertisement) I’ve learned to recognize most of them  and when someone puts one of their (few) songs I know in Karaoke, I like to join in (and I also like complaining about it afterward). I’ve been surprised how people who actually don’t even like them are still able to sing all their songs perfectly… (I confess even though I sing very bad, I’m rather guilty for this).

It’s funny how boys’ bands are such a popular and serious business around here. When I think about the few ones who managed to be slightly popular in France, I can’t help but smirk.


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