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Beginning of Holidays

Do Your best everyday


Fais de ton mieux, tout les jours.

Koji Koji Moheji


1) Exams period was probably the most stressing time of the year and I’m actually surprised people did not die. Compared to UBC, exam week as Sophia is really short, meaning that you finish classes and exams are just the next day. Even though I was lucky I had the week-end to study, it was unfortunately spent on my unsuccessfully growing History essay that almost put me under (I still want to cry every time I’m thinking about it).

I probably did not expect so many things to happen at the same time in such a small amount of time: friends leaving and coming, essay, exams, birthday (that I did not attend) and other great things that all decided to conglomerate in the same few days. The major problem is that I did not feel like I was doing anything well but that I was trying to do (and finish) everything at the same time and it was exhausting.

Things I learnt from it?:

-Procrastination is bad mmmkay?
-Stress working in attempting to finish a 15 pages paper does not work (it does for up to 10 pages though )
-People in this dorm DO wake up at 4H00… almost over-night is really bad too.
-Taking two course+Intensive Japanese is really hard (especially if you add an History class).
-I can survive on little sleep…not for too long though
-Sophia Library is way over-heated.

2) Holidays are here! And it’s for two months! ^_^

3) And so I thought I’ll have some free time… which is not totally true since more people are leaving/having parties around. Therefore, I’ve been to more nomikai (often with the karaoke option) that I can count over the past two weeks and if I enjoyed most of them, met a lot of interesting people, I can say I have lost all respect for my Lit prof (or the little of respect that was left from his class ) or better I’ve lost all respect for his totally drunk-self.

4)I had the opportunity to go back to Ueno recently. It’s a very nice place with lots of interesting things to see. I’m actually glad the friends I was with did not wish to see the Zoo. I think it’s a great place but a lot of the animals have turned crazy because of confinement and just turn in circles which is a rather sad thing to see.
While looking around we stumbled upon a performance by this guy named Koji Koji Mohejiwho juggles…

…and plays the  bagpipe!

The entire act was really well done and rather funny.

5) On that day, we also rented two paddle boats and went around in a small lake. I thought the whole idea would be the most ridiculous thing to do, but the whole situation turned out to be hilarious as soon as we stepped in. Our paddles made these weird squeaky noise  every now and then, making sometimes an ominous loud clonking sound that made me think the whole thing would just disintegrate like Bourvil’s car in Le Corniaud . Fortunately, it did not but our two other friends who rent the other boat found a loose screw and never really figured out where it came from.

Other funny moments include birds chasing (we chased them and then they did chased us back later, looking hopeful), seagull lending on our roof and a little Japanese grandpa seating on the shore trying to tell us about it by touching his head several time and pointing at us, attempts to paddle backward and the sight of other people paddling energetically in giant swan boats:

It seems that Ueno is a popular spot for couples to go. I can slightly understand the idea behind the zoo being a nice date place but the whole swan-paddle-boat-romantic-idea does not seem that great for me (Fact is, I’d rather die than board one of these with someone I’d be on a date with).

Anyway, I spend the half-hour we spend on the pond laughing all around and trying to get my courageous teammate to launch an all-out attack onto our other friends while screaming “arrr you scurvy dogs”.

(You can see some more pictures of the day on Laura’s blog)

6) Also had the opportunity to get back to Shibuya and seat at the famous Starbucks just across the big crossing square:

It was actually impressive every time the light turned green and everyone started crossing at the same time. Generally, cars got stuck in the middle as well.
While enjoying the view, I also tried to follow the pattern of the big advertisements trucks that are always driving around the square. I was surprised at how short their route were and how often they came to pass again, and again and again in front of us.

7) It snowed :3

Not enough to stay too long though but still, our rooms are freezing.

8)Since I’ve only started using a self-phone  since my second year of Uni, I’m quite surprised to realize how handy and indispensable it became here. I quite like my phone, it’s really easy to use and rather pretty.

I’m slightly getting the hang of sending messages in Japanese (which turned out  to be much faster than in English or French since the phone remembers which words you use or/and guess what you’ll be more likely to use next but does not do it for English).
I’m still confused at why we are not supposed to use the phone on the subway (my friend got scorn by an old man just because she looked at hers near the reserved seats area) while talking (at some point of the day though… morning is usually rather quiet) is generally tolerated.
Also, people find that sending you text messages at 3 in the morning is a completely normal thing to do. At first, this woke me up because the “manner” mode is probably as loud as the normal mode when on a wooden surface but now I’m sleeping while using the “driving mode” (which mean that i have a little cute icon on my screen and no sound coming out of the phone).

9)Even though everything passed so fast, it’s been already 6 months that we arrived in Japan… feels like everything went by so quickly. I’m actually trying to enjoy my time here as much as I can while I can see that summer is just around the corner.
It’s a sort of bitter-sweet feeling, I’ll be more than happy to walk around UBC again but still, I’m probably not yet ready for that. Plus, I’ve been talking “future” with almost all the people I know here and it’s a rather frightening thought.  So, I’m going to do my best and enjoy the remaining time here! ^_^/





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