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the Pillows Concert-Zepp Tokyo-16/12/10

Can you feel?


All the People of the Earth want to Rock’n’Roll

So, last  night was the final show of the Pillows’ Movement Tour and I was lucky enough to be there, shaking my head around like a happy little buster. Needless to say that it was one of the best concert I’ve been to so far and I’m in the middle of what you could call “post-concert” depression that can be characterized by a strong wish to go back and see the band live again as soon as possible.

The concert was held at Zepp Tokyo, near the Toyota exposition hall. I must say, the concert hall was both good and disappointing for different reasons.The hall itself is not  a bad concert place. It’s just very organized. What i mean by that, is, if you bought a ticket, you won’t be able to get in as soon as the doors open. According to when you bought it,  your ticket will have a number and a letter. My friend and I had C 301 & C 302. Meaning we had to wait until all 2000A, 1000B and 300C entered before being allowed to pass the first ticket check point. In order to keep track of the numbers, one person from the staff , was turning some sort of big numbers and letters on a board (pretty boring job).

While we were waiting, I had a good look at all the divers pillows’fans that were shivering around us (it was really cold and people changed into the t-shirts they just bought before entering the hall). It was really interesting to see that fans were all very different and all, old, young, boys, girls, friends, parents, lovers, groups and single people looked very eager to enter. As far as I saw, we were the only foreigners in our side of the room which I did not really expect. On a side note, most Japanese (and foreigners actually) people I told I was going to a concert did not have a clue who the band actually is…That also took me by surprise.

In term of concert’s clothing, I noticed that often people can be put in several categories but I noticed a trend about two opposite groups: the “I’m-going-to-wear-the-band’s-t-shirt” and the “why-the-heck-would-you-wear-the-band-t-shirt-at-their-own-concert?-we-know-you-are-a-fan-’cause-otherwise-you-would-NOT-be-here”. I guess both are fine even though I like wearing concert gears after and not during the event. It was funny this day because a lot of fans were wearing previous tour’s t-shirts and the ones they bought on that day so we were soon surrounded by people wearing the same t-shirts which was quite strange.

Oh, and in term of concert goods (I must say I love those), I was surprised to see that one of the most popular item was the ” hybrid rainbow” towel (But I should have known better since there is a thread about this on the official webpage forum). Some guys were wearing them around their necks like scarfs. The sweat wristband were also pretty popular!

(One of the two only pictures I took while waiting in the Goods queue)

There is a ferris wheel 🙂

Then, I got quite pissed at the fact that even if you got a ticket, you are still obliged to buy a drink at the door (=500yen to get a token). Basically, that means that after queuing for the goods, the coin lockers, waiting for your number to be called, you have to wait again inside to get a drink… meaning that your chances to get in front are  already reduced from half. It should mention that everywhere, little posters were posted, stating that 1 drink would be charged 500yen upon entering the concert hall but since I was not planning to buy anything at this point, my brain just went over the “ドリンク=500円” part and I almost got pushed back at the doors because I did not have the magic 500yen coin… luckily, my friend had a 1000yen bill and that made the trick.

And then, we were inside ! 😀

We soon figured out that we would not be able to be at the very front because tons of people came in before us but also because the room had fences that created little areas were people could stand. Basically, the room was compartmentalized (my anthro prof would have LOVED this) and it was really hard to move up front. In one hand, I think this is quite good for people who, like me, are not strong enough (or rude enough?) to push people out of their ways or who get often pushed aside but it also restrict everyone’s flow which I think is quite essential at concert. Still, just when it started, my friend naturally moved on the left and I manage to get just behind the guy who was behind our fence (still we were maybe behind two more of these before the stage).

And then, the band started playing, and nothing mattered anymore.


(Credit: Happy Zoo)

Sawao was wearing a Mona Lisa t-shirt !

(There is a Da Vinci exhibition right now, I wonder if it comes from there?)

(Seeing it closer here proved otherwise)

The setlist was pretty similar to the two previous ones (except that they did not play Funny Bunny even though they talked about the t-shirt and the fact that next year is the year of the rabbit during one of the intermission… 😥 )


1. My Foot
2. New Animal
3. Another Morning
4. 彼女は今日
5. Crazy Sunshine
6. Ritalin 202
7. Movement
8. 空中レジスター
9. Midnight Down
10. ローファイボーイ, ファイターガール
11. Robotman
12. Split emotion
13. Gloomy night
14. Flag Star
15. Beautiful morning with you
16. Rush
17. Sleepy Head
18. Mole Town Prisoner
19. この世の果てまで
20. Blues Drive Monster
Encore (1)
21. New Year’s Eve
22. Rock’n’Roll Sinners
Encore (2)
23. プロポーズ


Even though they played so many songs, the concert felt really really short! Maybe because we were having so much fun! Just imagine being in a room full of people who love the same thing as you do, who raise their hands at the same times, who sing the same words (in my case I am lucky no-one could actually hear what i was saying because I sang yoghurt most of the time, even on some English part)! Everyone was really nice and i felt bad because I hit the people around me with my hands several times >_

Something really nice too, was that no-one was either filming or taking pictures, meaning that I enjoyed all the show from beginning to end without having a camera shoved in front of my face.

Most of the songs are absolutely GREAT live but I still had a slight preference for “Sleepy head”, “Crazy sunshine” (stuck  in my head on the way home), “Rock’n’Roll Sinners” (all the people of the earth, want to rock’n’ roll ! and  the What do you want? parts were really good !). Oh and “空中レジスター” is quite short but very good live too! You can jump in sync pretty much through the whole song !

The guitar part in “Another Morning with You” is  eery, it gives a really dreamy feeling to the slow parts of the song. Talking of great guitar moment, the solo in “彼女は今日” is worth mentioning too!

In term of the new songs ” Movement” and ” Split Emotion” were played very nicely (they even played the “Movement” single again while we were waiting between the two encore).

We also had some talking between the songs but I did not understand a lot of it….(゚ペ)


At the beginning of “彼女は今日” Sawao said ” It’s been a long time” 🙂

The band members were all introduced at some point, Satou-san talked about Pachinko, there was a story about Curry and if I’m not wrong (which I could be) I think a waitress/waiter who did not recognize the band member (or only Sawao?) and asked how as the concert because he was wearing a pillows’ shirt…
Sawao said he was tired and someone shouted “かっこいい!” to which he replied “かっこよくない!”

Jun seems to have a lot of fans ! :3

Overall, people were really quiet while the band was drinking or getting ready to play a new song. Of course, some people were shouting but at some points, everyone was really silent. I would never expect that in a room full of people, even more, if they are at a concert !

Everything went by so fast, at the end I was really surprised it was already over! After the two encores, everyone moved out.

And while we were getting out, each and every one of us received a little bag with flyers and a magazine from records company and other bands. Plus a list of the new dates for the upcoming tour…

While we were going home, my friend and I kept talking about how amazing the concert was and how badly we wanted to go and see them live again !

I got the Buster-kun key-chain/phone-charm (blue version, and it actually glows in the dark…), the Funny Bunny T-shirt (Which is actually Buster-kun upside down!) and a Buster-Kun T-shirt.


Just waiting for the little busters


More sound:

Sleepy Head-the pillows

空中レジスターthe pillows

Funny Bunny-the pillows (please, play it next time ne!)



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  1. heyy!! can you sell me the buster-kun keychain????????? Please????
    Or maybe the t-shirt????? I’m serious
    if you are interested please email me

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