Blog Anniversary · Wondering

People really time qui(e)t(e) things

Time’s flying isn’t it?

And while I was not looking, little blog succeeded in not dying for the third consecutive year.

Random things:

  • 15 new posts since last year
  • Last key word was “real tenacle lovers” (why the heck would you look for that?)
  • Most common word is still ” people”
  • Sentence of the year: “People Really Time Quiet Things” ( I cheated on the “quite” because it was even less understandable)

Things I’m aiming for:

  • Writing less but more clearly
  • Ranting less wondering more
  • Spending less time on each posts
  • More concerts report that I’m always trying to write and fail miserably
  • Write more in French

Things I want to continue doing:

  • Lists
  • Picture lists
  • Class doodles
  • Not apologizing when  not posting anything (Who is even coming to check on you? That always surprised me when people with little readership go on and on about how sorry they are for not writing more often…)

Things I wish could stop:

  • Useless complains about how stupid people can be on Facebook
  • Posts about Facebook
  • Piling unpublished drafts
  • Good thinking that stop me from sleeping
  • Stop comparing everything I do with other people, we probably all have our own ways of doing things, nothing best or worst (or is it?)
  • Stop giving the impression I’m going to die from exhaustion or that I’m angry against the whole world (there are better angsty blogs than this one).

Fourth year starts now 🙂


Funny Bunnythe Pillows (I love you, Funny Bunny)

You are the Ocean-(via)Phantogram  (’cause you are the Ocean and I’m good at drowning)


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