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Looking for motivation


Pixelmator’s bug is now fixed+presentation in class was boring…

1)Something I have the urge to do something before being able to accomplish something else. No matter what’s at stake, I sometimes have to perform other actions before getting started.This can involve cleaning the room, sorting up papers, cutting my nails (and filing them)or preparing some tea. Our first year English Prof  said she needs to clean her room before writing an essay.

2) In the past month, two different (new) friends told me something along the line “I did not wanted to tell you this because I thought you were too nice to tell bad things on people” and “I would not expect you to like that because you look so innocent (South Park Btw)”.  I wondered at the time how I should take these comments. Generally, people who are cute or innocent are seen as slightly stupid, nice but not really interesting. I don’t like people to think I’m only this kind of person… I guess it’s hard to really understand all the sides of one person.

3) One guy in my History class got a laptop and the screen got finger prints all around… I wish he could clean it up.

4) My pinky hurts because I’m stressed and I sleep with my hand clutched. Teeth will start hurting soon too.

5) Saw some other exchanges students blogs about their experiences at Sophia. They are quite good on writing about it. I can’t seem to be able to write anything good on it.

6) People seem to go around to cultural things quite a lot. I would like to go too. But then, on week-ends, I just have time to do one thing and then it’s homework/cleaning/filling the fridge time.

7) Though, two weeks ago we went and saw a matsuri. it was really impressive.

8 ) Being an International student and an Exchange student proved to be rather different. In Vancouver, I feel in a sort of “in-between state”. I’ve not been here for long but I’m sticking around anyway. Everything looks new and I have to get use to things (money, weather, transportation, class system etc…) but in the other hand, since I am coming back every years for a small period, everything ends up looking familiar.

9) Classes are rather nice but the 1H30 long  format still feels quite long (especially when sticking your nails in your arms fail to keep you awake).

10) Need to sleep more -_-‘ And study more. So I can’t sleep more.

11)Met a whole bunch of nice people. Kinda reminded me of LPC in a nostalgic sort of way. Bunch of people living together, from all other the world. That brings the idea that everything will be over soon and I should try to cherish every single moments of this experience, good or bad.

12) Peoples in classes are a bit strange. Sometimes. Often. Talk too much.

13) Joining the Kyudo club was definitely a great idea. I feel totally out-of-place, ungraceful and I can’t remember most of the name of different movements but everyone is welcoming and helpful. I’m thinking it’s also going to be a great way to practice Japanese outside of the classroom since everyone makes the effort to speak to us in Japanese.

14) This guy in my history class managed to make a parallel between the Akô Incident and Capitain Aizen’s actions in Bleach…

15) Cute Mameshiba. Resistance is futile. Sadly, he is loosing his colors.

16) Crowded trains are a bit of a strange experience. Being stuck between two people you don’t know  one hour after you woke up makes you relativized the sense of the words ”crowded”.

17)Crowded elevators do exist too…

18)Sophia festival is around the corner. I don’t know is I’m more looking forward to the long week-end it will bring or the actual activities (including the elections of Mr and Mrs Sophia that are quite interesting :3). It seems to be a big deal here, they even had a spread in ViVi about some Mister Elections in Universities around Tokyo. By the way, I’m rooting for number 4 (for totally irrational and futile reasons).

19) I wish I could go to a lot of concerts here. I’m totally avoiding to go to most concerts pages because I know I’ll think about it all the time. I’m planning on going only to few events (I wish I could  see Onmyouza again even though i haven’t followed everything they did until now. Though, it’s been a while I saw them In Paris some 6 years ago). For now, I’m debating if I should go to the Macross Frotier event that will featured Yoko Kanno, May’n and Megumi Nakajima.

The Sound of Nostalgia(due to this article):

Tong Hua – (Guang Liang)-Covered by youtube’s user Mnemechan

7 thoughts on “Looking for motivation

  1. Number 3 made me laugh the most! (I think you should wipe his screen when he leaves his computer to go to the loo 😉 )

    I have the same problem as number 10, but I value sleep more so I end up studying less than I should.

    It sounds like you are stressing, I hope things will get less stressful for you and be able to enjoy the crowded trains/elevators. (Do tonnes of bad stuff like not studying as much and enjoy concerts! Then people will know that you are not a boring nice girl :P)

  2. Haha Thank you ^^ I think I’ll go to the concert and stop stressing out (a bit 🙂

    Today, the computer guy came up dressed as Doraemon !

    Hope everything is for the best on your side ! Keep the videos coming ! They are
    really nice ! 😀

  3. ドラえもん!私は今日ディメンターとDr.スース見た!(笑) 私もビデオも勉強もがんばる!

  4. ほんとですね?UBC で?いいよ!

  5. うらやましいわ!大切にしてよー日本留学日々!
    i love reading your blog…so funny XD but i can’t help being nostalgic T_T

  6. Qui veut voyager loin ménage sa monture…
    You have still 8 months to go, and you will need your teeth for a long time after that! So RELAX!
    I used to be spoken of by schoolmates like you are. They thought I was too serious to have fun. People caring for me know better. It’s always much more interesting to discover unthought aspects of a person; transparent people are soooo boring! And it helps sort people who are unable to have a second look and think.
    For me, you are the best young woman I have ever met.

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