Can't sleep · Japan

Let’s move east


1) Jet-lagged, again and again… Woke up at 4H00 two nights in the row, did not sleep more in the plane or the night before that. When will the little bald doctors start showing up?

2) Weirdness of not following the time in Marseille but not being able to adjust at the time here neither. Which time am I living according to ?

3) Forgetting everything I ever learn in Japanese as soon as someone tries to talk to me… english is being really bad too ! >_<

4) Other than that, the dorm is great and the people here are all very kind to me :). My room is a sort of flat that is big enough to accommodate more than one person at some place.

5) Going to 100 yen shop and browsing through the same product at the 10$ shop in Ma On Shan made my day yesterday. Happy to be that far east again !

6) Getting ready to go through new adventures ! Commala-come-come, the story has now begun !


Side note corner:

Don’t (kick) shoot the bear ! 😉

New theme is Pwetty Pwetty !


Sounds ? Songs !

AsleepEmilie Autumn’s cover

I try– Macy Grey


One thought on “Let’s move east

  1. Ma On Shan… hahaha… LPC is a lifelong experience, right?
    I like the bit about the fact that it can accomodate more than one person… Christmas break should be fun, then :p (just kidding 😉 )
    enjoy, and keep us posted

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