Late March, Whole of April and Early May 2/2

8 ) And you, how are you coping with stress ?

9) Meet the giant bug, he’s proudly Canadien !

It’s a mountain pine beetle

10) In the last spot you could expect to find them:

11) Is yours a goldfish too ?- It runs in the family.

Depends on which side of the family

12) Beware !13) Bilingual Country, eh ?

I was surprised to see Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton speaking French on radio Canada and my roommate explained that in Canada in order to have a career in politics you need to be bilingual. I also noticed that Radio Canada did not offer any sub-titles when people were talking in english during the news report as if everyone would be able to understand. I wonder if every person in Canada speaking French also speaks English fluently.

After seeing the previous picture, you saw how most things in Vancouver are bilingual. But sometimes, you come across things like that:

I think my favorite part is the “canola oil” that was translated as canola mineral oil. The instructions part does not make any sense…

More sounds:

Les nains de jardin- Merzhin

Stay (Faraway, So Close), live –U2


One thought on “Late March, Whole of April and Early May 2/2

  1. 🙂 Idea – you should work part time as a translator person to make them understand that “canola mineral oil” isn’t exactly nice. While you’re there, u can also tell them that they need to review the French textbooks used!

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