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Late March, Whole of April and Early May 1/2

Exams are just behind and I’m deep into turning my room into a nice bunch of packages. Before posting anything more constructive, I’ll let you have a look at the past few months before the whole final essays/exams kicked in.

1) Nice afternoon out on Wreck beach:

I wonder how long it’s been, will the tree fall soon ?

(Yes, please)

2) Pretty Cherry Blossoms

It’s funny to see so many peoples taking pictures of them around the campus!

3) Giant Poki is really big !

It was the “prize” of her anthropology presentation. Everyone in the class got one at the end, even our Prof. Yes, that’s called bribery.

4) Looking forward to nice shows !

5) I’m sad I lost my cloud 😦

6) Om Nom Nom ! Food Channel is Yummy !

7) Sonata Arctica’s concert was fun

Sounds, sounds, sounds:

La sécurité de l’emploi Les Fatals Picards

Uninstall-Chiaki Ishikawa


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