I am having some troubles coming up with articles that I feel satisfied with: it sounds always so much better when I think about it before going to sleep. I’ve come up with 4 drafts recently but none of them ended up being published.

Maybe I am too annoyed by most of my roomates who are not sensible to the fact that this place can get really disgusting if they don’t clean it when it’s their turns. It’s this time of the term where all the profs I have, seem to remember they need to give us essay, when library become the second place you spend most of your time. It’s generally the time of the year when I wish I could go home just for ten minutes, hug everyone I love there and go back, feeling refresh. Do you know people studying abroad ? Do you envy them ? Are you one of them ? Maybe you know this feeling then. It’s funny how people reactions on website like Facebook can be really similar. When you are labeled as an International Student, there is always one person that remind you that you can’t complain, you chose for yourself and you can’t back up. If you dare saying that something is going wrong there will always be someone posting something like” but at least you’re abroad” or “you don’t realised the luck you have”. Maybe they don’t look on our side of the window. And maybe we don’t try to do the same for them. But still there is always this time where you feel that you could do with some homemade comfort food.

Recently, I met new friends:

Despite the controversies that shrouded them, I really like all the Mascots of the 2010 Olympic. After spending three days in a local elementary school, I can assure you that children really love them too !And the whole Polish Newspaper mistake was relatively funny (Article and blog of the original artwork)

Also discovered new food because one of the children was really allergic to peanuts so they gave us soya beans instead:

It’s surprisingly good.


And more:

+Added new link:

Fioni’s Blog at MIT

+ Finally finished GemCraft Chapter 0, It took roughly a year. Still, I need to finish each levels in every possible modes (but I need to be really bored to do so).

+ Unreal conversation at Macdonald’s (since they give small coffee for free, SD and I went there to get Apple Pies stuffs that are, I must say, quite good):

  • Elsa: Hi could I get two apple pies and two small coffees please ?
  • Lady: Cream and Sugar ?
  • E: No.
  • SD: No ? Wait, I actually want it !
  • E: Oh sorry, could we have Milk and Sugar then ?
  • L: *shout at the back* Milk and Sugar. *gives me pies and asks me to pay*
  • E: *Pay*
  • L: *gives me one coffee*
  • E: hum… I ordered TWO coffees.
  • L: No you didn’t.
  • E: Well, I did order two.
  • L: No you did not.

Then SD saved the day by ordering another coffee while I went to seat.


How long could that have continue for ? (YES/No ?)

If you did not hear/or if I did not order two won’t you say something like:” well then I’ll get you another one ?” instead of arguing endlessly ?

You’re not paid for the numbers of things you sell so the fact that the coffees are free should not be an issue for your salary isn’t it ? On the other hand, bad customer service…

Talking about customer service, why the heck would you argue with someone at the counter ? Is not that I was rude or annoying…

I’m not responsible for your bad mood/bad day/bad job but you made me quite annoyed…

+I saw the Paralympic Torch three times on campus and watched the opening ceremony on Tv on friday night. It’s sad how people do not pay the same attention to this segment of the Olympics, a friend’s mum said maybe we should have the two events happening at the same time. Could that be a better way for people to learn more about the Paralympics ?
One of the problems I saw during the Ceremony was the fact that the two officials who talked before the proclamation of the opening decided to say half of their speeches in French. Despite the fact that the first one obviously did not rehearsed enough ( I can conceive that French is not an easy language but still… that was really painful to hear and he seemed also to be in total pain when he was reading. So I felt bad for him, for the Francophone watching it and for the English-speaking people who did not get anything out of this part of the speech); but the main problem was that they did not provide sub-titles for non-french speaking people.

+ Our Japanese Poetry Prof was in the plane with the actress who plays Juliet in Lost. And she was nice enough to tell us about it in class.

+ I attended a workshop that was supposed to prepare me for studying abroad next year. I would not say it was totally useless but it was rather long and annoying for people who, like me are already fully immerse in the whole “study abroad” feeling. Tell me more about cultural shock…

+At the same workshop, I met a guy who is going to Paris next year. Overheard his conversation with a girl and told him later on when we were supposed to all talk together that sticking to Paris only would not be a good idea since he would not have a very good vision of France. I’m always feeling so mad at people who say such things as:” I visited France. I went to Paris one week”. Wrong dear, you saw Paris and you probably did not see much of it… People should realise that France and Paris are not synonyms.

+ Same guy said he did not like Hong Kong since he was born there but then moved to Vancouver. He said it was so busy it looked like Vancouver during the Olympics. The girl next to him was trying to argue that it was not the case. I don’t think so neither but once again, I may be too strongly bias…

+ Watched a video in Asia 101 class until I realised in the middle that we watched it already in IB History class two years ago… Talking about how hard IB is…

+ Things that made me so much more happy about my day:

-When I have mail

-When the lady at the furthest counter at the SUB makes random comments about things I buy (here she told me she never remembers the price of the boxed salads). It’s not much but always make me glad.


Can you hear it too ?

Heavy Cross– The Gossip

You’re Standing On my Neck– Splendora


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  1. recently I went to the academie national de médecine in paris, it is full of old people mainly men. They slept during my lecture asked funny questions and I felt that getting old and not being out the business is a funny way to fulfill the time of retirementPerhaps, they have nobody to love them or hug them at home; they are unable to get free coffees at mac do, so it is free at the academie; perhaps they are prof for life as flying blue for ever; questions are open

  2. Hum…
    Just one quick comment for the moment.
    I frequently noticed that pretending modestly that YOU were not sufficiently understandable was the easiest way to get out of akward situations like the Free Mc DO Coffees. Remember I am short (everybody has his/her flaws) and when I am queuing up, people usually try to take my turn… it makes you tough very early in life. So two choices: you are in bad mood for whatever reason. Good. You have the right to be. Arguing with a deaf waitress can be a convenient way to give way to a small part of frustration. But you need to realize that you argued because you needed something like a catharsis. It’s useless but it sure helps go on with your day. And she won’t be harmed to much because of her hearing impairment. So when it’s over, no use chewing it in your head for the whole day. Consider it like you need urgently to pee, and then, relieved, you forget. Second choice: the important thing is to get your coffee and delicious apple pie as quickly as possible. So you say modestly something like: “Oh really? I thought I had asked for two… Sorry, give me please another one” or “Well I must not be completely awake this morning ah ah , please give me blabla”. This is not really true but compromising is one of the things we do most of the day. Fair enough, if we don’t compromise too much on ethically or morally important issues. Yes, I know, inside me I would think: “she’s stupid, that’s why she is standing there working at the counter”, or else, if I am feeling compassionate: “she must be tired or have trouble in personal life”. Whatever, it’s a way to lubricate relationship (I wonder if this is understandable in English… in French, it is!).
    To me the two choices are correct, they depend on the amount of bad mood and how much energy you have/can afford to get out of you. The final purpose is to take care of you first, because you want to go on with your life and goals as efficiently as possible, with not to much stress and pain. And, because you are a good person, without harming people too much. But gee, it feels good sometimes to yell at a moron!!! (think of Lynda Lemay’s song…Inconséquence).
    I love you.

  3. It’s okay. Study abroad breakdowns are why we’re still studying abroad : once they get fixed, they make you feel much stronger. And you look at all those people around you that are your age and complain about stuff you were complaining about when you were 14 (I guess it rises as you grow up), and you understand how much studying abroad brought to you. A lot.
    Take care. You’ll be better soon.

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