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Walking around

It’s funny how the thoughts of going somewhere by myself is generally firstly rejected totally by my mind before being reconsidered. Throughout my life I’ve learned to go around alone without finding it weird or annoying, maybe  because I actually like to be left alone sometimes. I know some people who are constantly surrounded by a crowd of people (make them friends or acquaintances); and don’t think I could support that all the time. Still, the thought of eating alone in an open space full of people is rather scary even though I’m certain no-one would care.

Living by myself (if you don’t count the other 5 peoples who live in the same quad) can be rather enjoyable in term of freedom. I’ve got this feeling every time I decide to do something all of a sudden: movie, walk, shopping… You don’t have to tell anyone, you just go. This feeling of freedom can be really enjoyable but a bit lonely too.

Since today was a fine and nice day and I grew tired to breath the quad’s air, I’ve decided to take a walk down to Wreck Beach.

It’s always nice to walk down to Wreck Beach because the trail seems well-hidden in the trees and when you get your first glimpse of the beach itself, you feel rewarded.

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you feel even more rewarded when you can see a pretty bird.

And some other interesting things. It reminds me slightly of these “find in the picture” game where you have to spot all the different things happening, except I can see only 4 meaningful things here.

Early Cherry Blossoms are doing their best this year again.


On a side note, I re-watched Willow last night, after giving up on Dark Crystal. It’s funny how I can’t really get myself to like this one. I get really bored at the beginning and the vulture-like peoples are really creepy. But anyway, Willow is still my all-time favorite in “the trinity of Lucas-related fantasy movies” (Labyrinth, and Dark Crystal being the two others).


Heard in the Background:

Cherry Blossom Girl-Air

TodaySmashing Pumpkins


3 thoughts on “Walking around

  1. Oh ! That’s funny ! Maybe we passed each other somehow ! Where did you get down at ?
    Did you have a nice time there ? ^^

    1. I got down behind Vanier, and got up behind gage.
      The weather was perfect and the sea was calm. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

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