Happy Lunar New Year !

I read that the year of the Tiger is generally grand  and full of  changes ! Let’s hope for good changes then !

A bit more about the video, it’s a simulation in the event a tiger could escape during an earthquake. What’s interesting is that they could have done it with just a men dressed up normally… I wonder if the person in the costume will be able to put that on his/ résumé.
“2010-02-10-Tiger impersonator at the Ueno zoo”.

(Via Pink Tentacle)

Regarding Uneo s’ Zoo Tigers, that’s what they look like. Not really easy to take a picture of this one, but at least it’s a real Tiger !


On another topic, browsing the Ueno’s Zoo website I found out that the Giant Panda Ling Ling died in 2008. My mum and I visited the Zoo in december 2007 and the poor thing looked quite old. RIP Ling Ling !

Also, I finally watched Labyrinth (Be careful, the trailer gives away most of the film), last night and I’m still wondering what I should think about it… Maybe I wouldn’t have been so surprised if I was excepting Davie Bowie to start singing in the middle of the film all of a sudden. I was only thinking he would do the opening and ending credits theme songs… What is it with people putting songs in child’s movies all the time ? I mean, I don’t mind the songs, I enjoyed them. It was just a bit weird… A bit like watching Sweeney Todd without knowing it’s a musical ( It did happened for some people even though they should have known it was based on the original musical, but the trailer did not show any singing parts).

Maybe this whole thing deserve a longer post but I am pretty sure I would have loved this movie if I was slightly younger (I still consider Willow to be one of my best childhood movie). I guess it’s quite interesting to watch, thinking about how it became a cult movie (You probably know someone around you who either loved the movie/was totally scared by it/remembers David Bowie’s tights/loves Jareth).



Magic DanceDavid Bowie

The man who sold the world-Nirvana cover


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