A bit about the Olympics.

Since they are held in our backyard and we hear about them all the time, let’s consider some aspects of it.

1) You have to figure out where it is held first:

2) You can cheer for/support  the athletes:

5)Cheer more for the (bilingual) sponsors:

(With a bit of luck, you can sell this on ebay !)

Edit: actually, you can !

4) You can spend half an hour fighting with your neighbours’umbrellas to see the torch:

In the end, you still wonder who the torch bearer was, you’re annoyed by the modified bus routes and like half of the world, you’re still watching the games on TV.


On another topic, since I’ve had a rather annoying week with quite a bit of essay, quiz and mid-term exam, I’ve been looking around WordPress a bit and figured out that I could actually include some links on the side bar. Therefore, I’ve added some links to blogs I actually like reading and whose authors I’ve spoken with more than once, please have a look 🙂

Fellow UBC-student’s creative blog is very personal and contrast with all these “me, myself and I” platform.

Roomies’s blog on past Vancouver’s discoveries and more.

Sj’s blog, that she needs to update more often. You have to love DBSK… Kind of.

Travel to new discoveries ? Cheshire’s cat lover is off to Germany !

Newly arrived, let’s cheer for the development of this very promising blog ! Most of the discussions with this blog’s author resulted in posts around here.

Studying IB in Hong Kong…. How I miss that ! 🙂




Jean-Louis Aubert- Juste une Illusion


2 thoughts on “A bit about the Olympics.

  1. Wow! Je suis officiellement intrônisée sur le blog d’Elsa en tant que personne écrivant sur ses études du BI… on peut aussi dire auteur(e), mais SD m’a piqué ma super phrase!
    Tout ça pour dire : merci! Et ça marche dans les deux sens : j’aime bien quand tu postes, so keep going!

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