Pink: the coulour of awareness (and Gray, the coulour of my pancreas).

If you’re a (frequent) Facebook user you probably noticed on January 6th, the weird and rapid apparition  of random colours in your friend’s status update (called later on, more officially the “bra status update” case). If you’re the kind of person who copied, commented on and posted the annoying and self-centred “15 things about me” note, you probably wondered what was this all about.  Chances are, you tried to put a colour in your status update as well, to do as everyone else or you wrote one of these ” what is happening ? I need attention and information”‘s status. Chances are  your dear BFF (Best Facebook Friends) replied rapidly that the whole purpose of this was  to raise awareness for Breast Cancer by posting  the colour of your bra next to your name ( You have the entire right to ask yourself how the hell this would help ANYONE to learn more about Breast Cancer but let us come back to this crucial question later) OR they just told you to post the colour of your upper undergarment withour further information.

Well, here you had a problem, my dear Facebook user, what if, by any chance, you are a man… Too bad, you can’t join the fun (or can’t you ?). But wait ! You can actually take part in this joyful operation by stalking all your female friends’ page, looking, “liking” and commenting  on the colourful (or absence) of lingerie that you can’t help but think about…  this is creepy.



Well, let me tell you dear Facebook user, now you feel better, don’t you ? If you’re a girl and you posted your colour, you think you made a (huge) difference. After all, you don’t even think about Breast Cancer anymore but you’re thinking by writing ” Blue and red with little green bows” next to your profile picture, somewhere, someone is getting a mammogram or got a revelation and decided to start fundraising for this cause. Chances are slim my dear, plus, now you have a bunch of guys liking your status, isn’t that disturbing ? Let me phrase it that way. This guy still likes this girl since High School. Oh Joy ! She’s on Facebook, he is also. He likes her so writes on her page, comment on her stuffs, likes her status and looks at her picture. Her bra is purple and black . “Nice…” He says. And likes. And posts. You see the problem here lies in the “…” what my roomie calls explicitly ” dot dot dot”. What does it mean ? No need to think about it too much… It  probably has nothing to do with Cancer anymore…

Worst could be that you totally don’t care about cancer and just like teasing guys online with your stupid colour. In that case, I’ll just stop there on your case before wishing you to actually caught anything bad…. That would not be very nice, wouldn’t it ?

Let’s talk about guys now. I wonder if I should be sad or laugh at the guy who commented on one of my Friend’s update who asked directly “what’s happening?”. He simply wrote:” I don’t know but I put one”. How stupid could you be ? Seriously…
I read somewhere ( can’t find it back though) that this thing was probably that popular because breast cancer was highly sexualized through this. Yup, you don’t do status update about lung cancer because lungs are not even remotely erotic (or that concern probably a very small number of the population). Neither does bladder problem come under the spotlights…  But you know what, wherever the cancer starts, in the end it’s the same, it could kill you or your family. Or you friend. Or the girl whose’status you liked so much.

So now, let’s talk about consequences. You could tell me: ” see ! it worked ! even if you’re saying this thing was stupid, you blogged about it ! so you’re spreading awareness ! Yahoo ! let’s dance in our world full of rainbows and unicorns”. If I can consider that it definitely made me talk with my friends or even write about it, I can’t admit that it taught me anything. I did not do any reasearch about it, did not fundraise for it nor did I try to figure out if I had  any risk to contract this kind of disease. Why ? because stupid colour do not change anything plus I started asking myself this kind of questions since I was much more younger and learnt someone in my family died because of Breast Cancer. Oh yeah, hello, Cancer Kills. And dying, is not easy.

Seriously, think about it. One of my friend told me: ” what if you had cancer ? would you feel glad to see what happened ? What will you think when you look at your own bra, remembering how much you suffered, how much you will probably continue to suffer. Maybe you would even look at the empty space on your chest and feel terrible while people are trivializing and sexualizing a grave issue”.
In the end, my friend posted that on her status:

.. Pink.. not my Bra Colour, but the colour of the Ribbon you should think about. (try spreading this status)

Don’t you think it makes more sense ?

In the end,  I saw some groups on Facebook being created on both side (awareness and stupidity could I say). Let’s look at the awareness side of it because for the stupid side, you can look at it yourself. Some people create group called ” I know why girls put their bra’s colours on Facebook” or “breast cancer awareness ♥ I updated my Status with my Bra colour ♥” which actually give link to Cancer website. That’s a good start.

What else can you do ?

Maybe talk to your friends and moms, read reliable webpages or publications, test yourself, fundraise, think about other types of Cancer,….

Stay Healthy.

There is no songs in the background.


2 thoughts on “Pink: the coulour of awareness (and Gray, the coulour of my pancreas).

  1. Bonsoir, martian chat!
    I really like your blog entry on breast cancer and the fb status updating.
    People definitely need to just stop and think. good job thinking!
    PS: ur friend sounds awesome 😀

  2. Haha ! Thank you 🙂
    Isn’t she great ? I think I should have her sign this page than I’ll be able to sell it on ebay when she’ll be a very famous Art gallery manager…
    She Helped a lot with the thinking !

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