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Probably People Made Just One Moon

If you look on the right, you’ll see that the first article on this blog was created last year in October. So yes, this blog is one year old ! It’s interesting to see how it actually was created and how it evolved: it was an assignment for one of my English class; all of us were supposed to open a blog and post 10 pictures on it. The purpose of this assignment was to make us understand better what we were studying, aka new medias. That’s the main reason I made this blog, to get a good grade.

Lutin curieux(Results of Poli Sci 101 Lecture+Boredom+Lack of Scanner+Pixelmator)

We also had to write an article about anything we wanted and that contained hyperlinks. You may think opening a blog and writing articles is something easy to do but it is not. First of all, you have to assume that all your classmates and your Professor will look at your articles and therefore, you try to write relatively nicely since you will have to present your blog to the class at the end of the semester and talk about it. Second of all, you’ll post things that people around the world may see. Don’t trick yourself in thinking thousand of people will come everyday (isn’t that a scary thought ?) but assume that anyone with a computer could potentially see what you post. Here again, you’re writing for an audience, they could be anyone, from your closest Friend to someone you never met and will probably never see in real life, adult to children, girls and boys: anyone.
It’s funny because I’ve looked up the  key words people typed to come around here and some of them tend to be rather funny, one day, someone came around here after typing ” what pills women put in their bags”. Must have been pretty disappointed eh ?

Anyway, now the assignment is over but I’m pretty much attached to this blog, I like it quite a bit. It’s a nice platform and it’s rather easy to use. I still have the same problems at the beginning; I can’t think up good ideas of articles unless it’s late and I’ about to sleep and I’m have at least as much drafts unpublished than published drafts. And I still feel annoyed talking about myself because it reminds me there are thousands of “I, me, myself and I” blogs. Now that I think about it, I would probably not read this blog if I came across it.

The picture below was made on where you can create “word bubbles” by just copying bundles of texts. I copied and pasted all the articles of this blog (excluding the two last ones) and this is what came out :

Words Cloud
Of course, the biggest words represent the ones that were the more frequently used: “Probably People Made Just One Moon” 😉


Happy Birthday To Me-Bulldog Mansion



One thought on “Probably People Made Just One Moon

  1. Mark my words: this blog will be a testimony of the dawn of a big journalist’s or writer’s career aka yourself.
    Remember that Paul Valery’s schoolteacher gave him a very low mark in French, with this kind of comment “will never go far with this kind of prose”.
    Nice pictures BTW.
    Your most enthusiastic fan.

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