Here they come again…

Thanks to Sujin‘s eating of a Melon bread, I was able to come across that:

Mangez des écrous

Visiblement, l’abus de Melon Pan peut entraîner une “alerte d’allergie” probablement dû à la consommation excessive d’écrous…

En anglais “nuts” peut se traduire par noix ou écrous, le logiciel de traduction automatique à dû faire la plus grande partie du travail…

Mangez des écrous II

It is surprising to see that a supposedly bilingual country still allow these kind of mistakes on its packages. In this particular case, nuts should have been translated by “noix” but was translated by “écrou” as in nut (hardware).

Annyway, it is quite funny 🙂

I was really glad to go several to the T&T shop in Metrotown, it remind me a lot of Hong Kong, especially Wellcome. They have quite a large selection of Asian food and a very nice bakery side. When on special, products tend to be really cheap.


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