Last Monday, one of our sociology teachers tried to explain to the class how to construct a powerful and well-constructed argument. What made a strong impression on my sleepy mind was not the fact that it was the third course where someone was attempting to explain us how to construct this kind of argumentation; no what suprised me the most was the example our teacher choose : “The moon is made of green cheese”. The example itself made me think quite a bit and I felt amazed to think that the simple idea of the moon having a dairy origin was not totally rejected  by my brain but it actually rang some bells and sounded way better than the “the Moon is made out of stone” that concluded the lecture.


      As I kept thinking about it throughout the day I came to a conclusion: I needed to know more about this particular issue not matter how cheesy it appeared. Googling  the remarkable sentence, another conclusion appeared: a lot  of people are actually wondering about the Moon and its composition.

      According to the first source you can find after making a basic search on Google and the great article Green Cheese by E.C Krupp, one of  the first mention of this idea was made by poet and play writer John Heywood, who actually meant “new, unripe” when he talked about  the moon being”green”. Right, but what about the cheese ? Well, it seemed that an English Protestant Martyr named John Frith,wrote in 1529 that some people would make him ” believe that the moon was made of green cheese”. But it seems that actually no-one ever believed the moon soil being green and made of cheese, but the expression is there to show sarcasm and show some humour. 

      However, after the lending of Apollo 12 and 13, the seismic waves received on the surface of the moon were read on a seismograph and a study showed that these waves were actually closer to the seismic velocity of cheese  than any other rock found on earth. 

      It seems this idea of Cheese inspired quite a bit of people , and while reading Krupp’s article, my memory took me back 4 years ago, when I was in 3eour quite useless English teacher who forgot our assignments in the train and wore transparent clothing; show us a wonderful video in which the main character declared that “everyone knows  the moon is made of Cheese”.

© Wallace & Gromit  A Grand Day Out

      To conclude, the theory of the Moon being a big round green cheese is just a big joke, a way of showing sarcasm and making fun of people who believe easily in anything. I feel slightly disappointed by this outcome, it would have been fun to discover that people did actually believe they could eat the moon or to read any hypothesis on the creation of the astronomical object: was it created by some kind of flying cow ? was it brought by the moon rabbit ?  Is the Man in the Moon a milkman ? Or maybe the little man and the lonely loving girl have something to do with it. Well, we probably won’t ever know, but I’ll see you there, on the other side of the Moon.

Song overheard in the background:

Full moon-by Sonata Arctica

Brain Damage-by Pink Floyd


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