Facebook is scary

© The Wall- BBC 

Few years ago I would have probably tell you that Facebook is a useful thing because it allowed you to stay in touch with friends. Today I have 426 “friends” on Facebook. I guess I could say I talk ( or wallpost) regularly with 20 of them. I never exchange a word with more than half of them ( in real life and on Facebook).  I dislike ( but really dislike) at least 5 of them ( but we are “friends”). Two of them are from my Family. Two of them are sisters of friends. I never met with at least two of them. I don’t know who is one of them. 

About the whole ” it can allow you to find out what your old friends are doing now” hmm just forget about that. Just exchange two mails about your life and then, start becoming sad while looking at what they truly became. That can be true for your old high school friends as well. Maybe sometimes it is better not to know, it’s better not to think about it, it’s better to forget or to remenber only your old memories, when they were still honnest with themselves. 

Songs overheard in the background:

Hasta la Vista– Mc Solaar 

Sing– Travis

An Ode To No One– The Smashing Pumpkins


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