Number 2 is hard to write…

It’s been a while since I’ve post my last entry and to be honest, I thought about the next one quite extensively (I started already three new drafts and I am not sure they will ever be publish). It’s not that I am afraid of saying anything in THE Internet (after all I am agreeing with my own opinions) or that  I am thinking my life is not really fascinating, it’s just that I am not satisfied in the way I’m phrasing the things I wonder about. I also dislike the fact that I feel that I’m talking about myself so much, I just can’t stand all these people talking about themselves all day and I just feel I’m becoming one of them by writing in here. But well, some great people managed to make amazing blog while still talking about their daily lives. I was actually not going to publish that but I was looking around at other ASTU people blogs and found out they are really good! (And me is bored).


Since two days ago  a lot of people have been talking about Obama’s election. It’s funny how the election in the United-States seem important everywhere in the world. In Geo class someone said that the whole population of the world should be able to vote. I just imagines how tricky and impossible it will become for the poor people who are supposed to count the number of voices for each candidates. I also found funny how campaigning is an important part of elections in the US, must be very exhausting ! Does spending time in the white house and sitting behind the President desk worth it that much ?

Président© Président

I remember when it was the French election, I thought about how I’ll feel if I was elected president of my country. I probably wouldn’t because I don’t like campaigning and I am too lazy to do it anyway. So I decided to be elected by default, I would made a speech saying that I didn’t want to be elected but that I should serve my country and I’ll probably be bad. It’s a good way of making people feel comfortable, always be modest ! and If you do bad, it’s fine because you announced it ! and if you do good, well, it’s a bonus point ! 



(Found on a dead forum)

My first resolution as a president would be to reduce the number of days open for hunting time (you could hunt for more than six months in France according to this website). That would probably make quite a lot of people angry but well, when you are president you cannot always be loved by everyone. And a lot of people would be happy! Of course, everyone that would hunt off season would have to pay a very high penalty.

The second resolution would be to organise a ” don’t eat meat day”. It would take place every year first, than every six months, then every two months. We’ll save money and effort and we don’t need to eat meat every day to survive.

Then I’ll probably would have to do something about the fact that a lot of people are thrown away from France every day without being able to dream for a better future. Some of them are also obliged to leave their own children behind. That shouldn’t happen. My brother often told me to “stop pretending to live in “Bisounoursland” ( I just found out they are American and call ” care bears”. I had a great magazine with their adventures….). I guess he probably didn’t know that some kind of scary girl was living there too…  I can’t help but thinking we could make everything better. I heard about a Scandivanian country that allow imigrants to spend one year to learn the local language. If they managed to do so, they are given the right to remain on the country’s territory. We could install that too.

Next resolution would be to stop manufacturing and selling weapons ( hum, that will probably be really difficult because a LOT of money is made every year with that).

So we’ll need more money right ? Hum… Increase the tax on alcohol and tabacco ? ^^


I guess after that I’ll probably be thrown off of the president office just after deciding that the government should adopt three stray dogs from dogs shelters and cancel their famous summer garden party in order to save money and organised a big Christmas dinner for the homeless.

It’s fun to think about being President, but it kept me from sleeping one night ( and then it was look like a punched-racoon day !). I should make a law about that as well….

L cannot sleep(Found on a dead forum)

Random comment of the day: Stay inside, stay dry.

Songs overheard in the background: The Islander by Nightwish and Civil War by Gun’n’roses.


One thought on “Number 2 is hard to write…

  1. I suggest a unique motto: “don’t harm any living and conscious thing”. But just think of the million things we would have to change in our daily life just to follow this motto!!!

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