Why do people blog ?


(©) Peter Steiner. The New Yorker. July 5, 1993.Vol.69 (LXIX) no. 20)


This is a blog. This is also an assignment. So, I cannot say I am really eager to write anything in here. When I started my first blog some year ago, it was because, I guess, it was something common for people to do around my school. I wasn’t thinking I would change the world by writing stupid entries about my friends and the things I was interested by, but I thought I could create something different.

I failed.

First of all, I used the worst ‘blog hoster website’ ever. Well, it was the common website (like opening an account on Caramail and then Hotmail in order to chat with people) at this time of the year so, I cannot really blame by stupid decision. To my defense, I would say I always put away the idea of opening a blog because I totally dislike this skyblog website. Mainly because it was created by the skyrock radio that was:

1_ Not broadcasting in my Town
2_ Broadcasting Music I’ll probably won’t enjoy at all
3- Not my style of radio. At all.

That’s why I probably closed it after some months or even years. I didn’t feel like it was representing my true self, and I didn’t even feel like writing in it anymore. So I closed it. And it died. Or maybe not. We read this essay by Danah Boyd (” Why Youth ❤ Social Network”) for English class and she wrote about the fact that everything on the web will eventually stay there for ever and be found by some smart people. For what I say, I don’t think anyone would even bother trying to look for it, and even if they do, I would still be unaffected. Because I don’t link myself with it anymore.

I don’t mind blogs, really. I do read quite a bit of them myself. I just don’t feel that I have enough to say to be interesting to read. People nowadays tend to consider blogs as trash. It’s just anoying when you’re looking for something on the web and one random blog just pop out and you’re there, being lectured by a clueless person, too shocked to move away for the page. I don’t want to become one of these. It’s painful to create a blog if you do it seriously. It’s painful to think people may judge you just by reading something you posted few days ago. We’re more then some basic HTML pages, aren’t we ? 

(©) 4chan (probably ?)

(©) Yotsuba&! Kiyohiko Azuma


Random comments of the day:

The orthograph checker of this program doesn’t recognize the word ” blog” and considered it as a grammatical mistake. 

Music you could probably hear in the backgroud: 

What Makes a Man” by City and Colour


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