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Bhutan-Prayer Flags

I’ve been lucky enough to go and visit Bhutan along with two friends in summer 2008. 
We had a rather funny group, the three of us were from three different countries: Honduras, Finland and France. We met in a High School in Hong Kong and finalised our trip from Hong Kong to Nepal with a short loop in Bhutan after considering going to Manchuria, Tajikistan, Russia and Tibet.
Because one of our greatest friend lived in Bhutan, we took the opportunity to visit a country few people know about. They are only two planes deserving this tiny kingdom and you will need some special authorisation to land if you are not from India. 

The landing is probably one of the most amazing thing that ever happen to me. Your plane will just get out of a fuzzy cloud and emerged near tall and green mountains that the pilot will skillfully avoid by turning quickly around.

After visiting Nepal, I felt very interested by the numerous prayer flags that were hanging around most of the places we visited. They will tell you among other things, that a Buddhist community put them there. They are very pretty and come  in various form and shapes and are left hanging in the wind that shake them and enunciate the prayers written on them.

In Bhutan, we came across a lot of them. Here are some pictures of these very unique landscapes.



Climbing toward the “Tiger’s Nest”, we saw small line on the cloudy sky. I wonder how they managed to put them across the pit.

Prayers are carried by the wind.


On the Bridge


Near to the town of Punahka, on the ground of the temple of the Divine Madman, a little monk was looking at us arriving.


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